Rødovre Open 2018

We welcome you to Rødovre Open.
Not a usual Taekwondo Tournament :-)

The program will include.

  • 5 vs 5 Team fight
  • Kyorugi
  • Poomsae
  • Money prizes
  •  Huge medals
  • Lottery etc.

Total prize money DKK 30.000,-

  • kr. 10.000,- Most winning club
  • kr. 5.000,- Winners of Team fight 
  • (Terms below)

5 vs 5 Team Fight (3x male + 2x female)

1st Prize DKK 5.000,-  in each category

Category / Weight divisions:


  • Female 1x -33kg. 1x +33kg
  • Male 1x -33kg. 1x -37kg. 1x +37kg.


  • Female 1x -44kg. 1x +44kg.
  • Male 1x -37kg. 1x -45kg. 1x +45kg.


  • Female 1x -55kg. 1x +55kg.
  • Male 1x -55kg. 1x -63kg 1x +63kg.


  • Female 1x -53kg. 1x +53kg.
  • Male 1x -63kg. 1x -80kg. 1x +80kg.


Each participant fight 1 minute against the opponent in the same weightclass. Point will continue throughout the match.

A Team does not have to be composed of fighters from the same club.

Most Winnig Club
1st prize DKK 10.000,-


Each club must select a maximum of 10 athletes before the start of the Tournament (fewer are also allowed) to represent the club in the competition of the DKK 10.000,-

Ex. If Hwarang Rødovre Taekwondo Club has 30 participating athletes, the club must select 10 out of the 30 to represent the club, in the competition Most Winning Club.

There may occur changes.